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What is Counselling

Counselling is an effective therapy for many common emotional and mental health problems, as well as a useful resource for people under going any life crisis or change period. Counselling falls under the umbrella term talking therapies and allows people to discuss their problems and any difficult feelings they encounter in a safe, confidential environment.

Counselling provides an opportunity to explore various aspects of your life, feelings and behaviour, talking about them in a way that is rarely possible with friends or family. This method of talking therapy helps people come to terms with many problems they are facing with the aim of overcoming them.

How can Counselling help

Many people find the space to talk to someone other than a partner, relative or friend helps them to reach the right choices for them. Speaking to a counsellor is particularly effective, because the therapist is trained to recognise signals of what may or may not be helpful to each person.

People may choose to speak to a counsellor because they feel they cannot speak to their close ones about such personal issues, or they may simply wish to speak to a professional with an objective viewpoint.

Areas where Counselling can help with

Ψ Depression, Stress or Anxiety
Ψ Trauma
Ψ Improve relationships with family, friends and work
Ψ Illness or disability
Ψ Develop effective coping strategies
Ψ Anger management
Ψ A sense of being stuck
Ψ A general sense of dissatisfaction
Ψ A lack of purpose
Ψ Difficulty making decisions
Ψ Body image difficulties
Ψ Emotional relationship with food (both under and over eating)
Ψ Loss of meaning
Ψ Loss of identity
Ψ Work issues
Ψ Issues around self-worth, self-esteem and confidence
Ψ Sexual, physical and emotional abuse
Ψ Phobias
Ψ Chronic illness and/or disability
Ψ Mid-life crisis
Ψ Separation and divorce
Ψ Parenthood
Ψ Bereavement and loss
Ψ Redundancy
Ψ Retirement
Ψ Sexuality

Counselling sessions are available in 55 minute appointments through Face to face and telephone methods.

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