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What is Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling also known as couples therapy, marriage counselling and relationship counselling, offer couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship a space to explore their issues with an experienced therapist.
Couples counselling is suitable for two people in any form of relationship and this can include those in a romantic relationship of any sexuality, siblings, family members, friends and colleagues.
Couple counselling provides an opportunity to explore patterns, dynamics and conflicts within a relationship and to address issues which are causing stress within it.

Sometimes people find that their partner will not attend couple counselling and in such cases you may decide to come on your own for individual counselling therapy. Many people do attend alone and still see positive benefits in their relationship and wider life.

How can Couples Counselling help

Our Practitioners provide a caring, supportive and non-judgmental environment to help you find a way through any difficulties you may be facing in your relationship. With the aid of couple counselling, couples can bring peace, stability, and communication back into the relationship. Couple counselling can help in a number of ways but not limited to:

Ψ Learn new relationship skills
Ψ Break cyclical and reoccurring issues
Ψ Listen to and understand more about each other
Ψ Increasing communication between the two of you
Ψ Resolve conflicts and on going issues
Ψ Think, feel, and respond more effectively with each other at home, at work and in social situations

Areas where Couples Counselling can help with

Ψ Affairs and infidelity issues
Ψ Repetitive arguments
Ψ Feelings of distance in the relationship
Ψ Feelings of anger or resentment
Ψ Dissatisfaction
Ψ Jealousy
Ψ Lack of interest in affection
Ψ Sexual issues
Ψ Parenting issues / children
Ψ Broken trust
Ψ Managing a separation or divorce
Ψ Relationship impacted by a gambling addition
Ψ Issues of control
Ψ Loss of trust and respect
Ψ Financial issues including abuse of family members
Ψ Poor communication and problem-solving
Ψ Lack of intimacy and other supportive and positive aspects of healthier relationships
Ψ Strained extended family relationships
Ψ Major life changes
Ψ Long standing disagreements

Couples Counselling gives you both the chance to be heard equally and the opportunity for you to look at problems from different perspectives. The therapist will remain respectful and impartial, to allow and encourage positive change.

Couples Counselling sessions are available in 55 minute or 85 minute face to face appointments.

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