Terms & Conditions of Treatment for Mental Health Therapies and Complementary Therapies:



We are committed to the safety of our clients and identifying any risk to them or others.

During treatment, we may contact GPs or other relevant organisations, such as Social Services, if we believe to do so falls within our duty of care.

Where possible the reasons for this would be discussed with the client but this may not always be possible in urgent circumstances.

By engaging in treatment, the client understands and agrees to these terms.


Confidentiality, Ethics and Conduct:

All information regarding treatments and therapies are kept in the strictest confidence and will only be disclosed in the event of safeguarding concerns for our client or others (see safeguarding terms).

Our psychologists and counsellors are bound by The British Psychological Society Code of Ethics and Conduct and The British Association of Counselling Professional Ethical Framework.

There are legal requirements for disclosure in certain specific circumstances (see below):

A client discloses the preparation or commission of an act of terrorism.
A client discloses committing a serious criminal offence, in particular an act that harms themselves another person.
A client who discloses they are engaged in money laundering or the trafficking of narcotics.



We are required by law to keep records of the contact we have with clients and the treatment provided. These records are stored on a secure computer database and kept confidentially for 7 years after last contact to adhere to the Data Protection Act (DPA, 1998).

Some questionnaire and demographic data may be used for audit, but it is not possible to identify individual clients and would not be disclosed to any 3rd party without written consent. By agreeing to treatment, the client will be asked to agree to these terms at registration.



Payments are to be made prior to the session or at the end of every session. If fees are paid by an Employer, Insurer or Solicitors, we will send them an invoice for our services, which they must pay in full upon receipt. There may be a small administrative charge for issuing reminders for outstanding invoices.

Payment plans are available dependent on individual circumstances. Further details available upon request.

We reserve the right to request a deposit payment on booking for first or subsequent treatment sessions. This deposit is non-refundable, unless the sufficient notice as been given of cancellation (see cancellation terms).


Cancellation or Non-Attendance

When an appointment is made, we reserve the whole session. If, in exceptional circumstances, cancellation is made, we will need at least two working days’ notice.

The full fee may be charged for non-attendance or less than two working days’ notice of cancellation.

The liability for payment remains with the client, even if the appointment has been arranged via an Employer, Insurer or Solicitor. We reserve the right to refuse any future booking until any outstanding fees are paid. Were payment is not received within 14 days of invoicing, we may use debt recovery agents.